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Polls in the run-up to the referendum vote showed a closing of the gap, with one poll giving the Yes campaign a 51–49 lead. In the referendum Scotland voted against independence by 55.3% to 44.7%, with an overall turnout of 84.6%.

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Opinion Polls Search all surveys and polls on What Scotland Thinks. Search. From date. To date. Go. Topics. Elections, parties & leaders (571) support or oppose a decision by Nicola Sturgeon to ask the UK Government for the right to hold a second independence referendum? Scotland in Union poll by YouGov, Jun 2018

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Scottish referendum poll tracker. On 18 September 2014 millions of Scots will vote on whether they want their country to become independent or remain part of the United Kingdom.

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Stirling, Scotland, UK. 18th September 2014. The ballot boxes have arrived for the Scottish Referendum count. The polls have closed and the boxes are ready to be opened and counted to decide whether Scotland should remain part of the UK or become independent. 97% of the population was registered to vote in the referendum.

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Scottish referendum poll tracker. Most polls will ask respondents how certain they are to vote – are the supporters of one side more enthusiastic about voting than those of the other. Pollsters will often adjust their referendum voting figures to take account of any such differences. The issues of what currency an independent Scotland would use,

The Scotland Independence Polls Were Pretty Bad

Furthermore, many polls of the Scottish independence referendum were Internet-based, and some of those polls did not use probability sampling, historically the bedrock for demographic weighting.

Scottish independence: Could pro-EU No voters swing it for

But despite expectations that pro-EU Scots would shift the balance towards Scottish independence after the Brexit referendum, data from the polling website What Scotland Thinks shows that this

Will there be a second Scottish Independence referendum

Will there be a second Scottish Independence referendum? The First Minister has now linked the second independence referendum to a re-run of the Brexit poll. “The Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun Online

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Support for second referendum is strong but fishing and independence questions complicate political calculus fails to win over Scottish voters. reach a solution could increase pressure for

How would you vote in a Scottish independence referendum

Base: Likely voters Full question wording: ‘If there was a referendum on Scottish independence tomorrow, how would you vote on the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”’ 07 June 2017: Panelbase survey for The Times with 1106 respondents, 16 and older.

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