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Languages of Afghanistan. Dari is the official name of the Persian language in Afghanistan. It is often referred to as the Afghan Persian. Both Pashto and Persian are Indo-European languages from the Iranian languages sub-family. Other regional languages, such as Uzbek, Turkmen, Balochi, Pashayi and Nuristani are spoken by minority groups across the country.

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Languages of Afghanistan

What languages are spoken in Kabul Afghanistan?

Pashto and Dari are the two official languages of Afghanistan. Pashto and Dari both are primary and official languages of Afghanistan. Dari Farsi is the first language in Afghanistan.

Languages Spoken in Afghanistan (Afghan Languages)

A Look at The Languages Spoken in Afghanistan

Afghanistan languages translation : Dari, Pashto, Uzbek

The official language of Uzbekistan, Uzbek is a Turkic language native to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Russia. Because of the other languages spoken where it is a native language, Uzbek has been influenced by Russian, Persian, and Arabic.

Languages and Ethnic Groups of Afghanistan

Languages and Ethnic Groups of Afghanistan. Kabul is placed at the boundary between the Pashto and Dari speaking zones and is, in fact, multilingual; while both these languages are popular in the city, several others are spoken because of the continuous migration from rural areas of …

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Feb 06, 2015 · The notes written on the money notes are indeed written in Pashto. Also the national anthem is in Pashto but that doesn’t mean “Pashto is the main language of Afghanistan”. There are billboards and ads all over Kabul that are in both Pashto and Dari.

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