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Civil war. The fierceness of the attack took the army by surprise, and it was only after weeks of intense fighting and indiscriminate aerial bombardment of San Salvador’s neighbourhoods by the Salvadoran Air Force that the guerrilla units were forced to retreat from the city. In …

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Civil War in El Salvador

In 1980, El Salvador’s civil war officially began. The government-supported military targeted anyone they suspected of supporting social and economic reform. Often the victims were unionists, clergy, independent farmers and university officials. Over the ensuing twelve years, thousands of …


THE SALVADORAN CIVIL WAR. close. This, although being way before the official start of the war, helped set the stage for a civil war to break out. Increasing economic disparities and lack of opportunity for political change due to military dictatorships pushed the country to a breaking point, and war …

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Civil War: 1980-1992. Much of this aid went to the formation of the Rapid Deployment Infantry Battalions, the same groups identified by the UN Truth Commission as “the primary agents of war crimes.” Still, U.S. policy towards El Salvador was not monolithic; many U.S. officials denounced the atrocities committed in the counter-insurgency.

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Civil war. 1961 – Right-wing National Conciliation Party (PCN) comes to power after a military coup. 1969 – El Salvador attacks and fights a brief war with Honduras following the eviction of thousands of Salvadoran illegal immigrants from Honduras.

El Salvador’s brutal civil war: What we still don’t know

The two primary actors in the El Salvador civil war were a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group, called the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), and the government of El Salvador. However, like most civil wars, the conflict was much more complicated than this. The FMLN was supported by the Nicaraguan, Cuban,

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