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list of countries that still use torture

Amnesty: 141 countries still torture | Al Jazeera America

Amnesty: 141 countries still torture. torture still happens in 141 countries — many of which are signatories to that convention — according to Amnesty International’s annual report on torture released Tuesday. In other countries, the use of torture is part and parcel of broader state-sponsored discrimination against minorities

Use of torture since 1948 – Wikipedia

Torture, the infliction of severe physical or psychological pain upon an individual to extract information or a confession, or as an illicit extrajudicial punishment, is prohibited by international law and is illegal in most countries. However, it is still used by many governments. The subject of this article is the use of torture since the adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human

Torture in modern society ·

Eight of 10 Countries Ill-Treat and Torture Citizens: Amnesty

Eight of 10 Countries Ill-Treat and Torture Citizens: Amnesty. “We found that last year the number of countries where both governments and armed groups have gotten away with not protecting civilians or causing serious human rights violations has been quite exceptional in the context of conflicts,” said Shetty, citing Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Nigeria as examples.

80% of countries use torture – New Zealand is one | Pundit

80% of countries use torture We tend to think that torture is practised mainly in dictatorships, former communist countries, third world countries – and by the United States at Guantanamo. But according to Christian Davenport, Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, 80% of the countries in the world torture someone in any given year.

Countries Using Torture – InfoPlease

Countries Using Torture. According to Human Rights Watch (, the use of torture was documented in the following countries in 2004 and 2005: China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Communist Countries, Past and Present

What is ‘legal’ torture and how many countries still use it?

The treaty aims to prevent torture and other acts of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment around the world, as well as forbidding states to transport people to other parts of the world if they believe they will be tortured.However, a 2014 report by Amnesty International claims that there are still as many as 141 countries that still

Stop Torture | Amnesty International

Start here, start now, stop torture. In countries such as the Philippines and Mexico, torture is widespread and routine in police stations. In Morocco-Western Sahara and Uzbekistan, the courts often rely on confessions people have made while being tortured. And in Nigeria, beatings and mock executions are just some

Global crisis on torture exposed by new worldwide campaign

The secretive nature of torture means the true number of countries that torture is likely to be higher still. In some of these countries torture is routine and systematic. In others, Amnesty International has only documented isolated and exceptional cases.

10 Gruesome Torture Devices Used In Modern Times – Listverse

Oct 19, 2013 · 10 Gruesome Torture Devices Used In Modern Times. Corey Gibson had one of her eyes burned by a cigarette, and had her ears stabbed with skewers. She eventually died in 2007, while still in police use of the cat has fallen out of favor—but some people are calling for the country to bring it back for use on crooked

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