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Iran’s Presidential Election: Balancing Diplomacy and Confrontation. Nader Uskowi. Washington’s working relations with the next president should not preclude it from leading the fight against the IRGC’s missile proliferation and regional militancy.

Federal policy on the Iran nuclear deal, 2017-2020

Federal policy on the Iran nuclear deal, 2017-2020. President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Iran Strategy, May 8, 2018. The United States and five world powers implemented an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the development of its nuclear program on January 16, 2016.

Mike Pompeo forms “Iran Action Group” for post-nuclear

Aug 16, 2018 · The group will coordinate and run policy toward Iran as the administration moves ahead with its plans after withdrawing from the international nuclear pact

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For twenty years Iran concealed the scope of its nuclear program, which included development of uranium enrichment technology that can be used for reactor fuel or bombs.

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“To prevent a nuclear Iran, an aggressive Iran, an oppressive Iran, we need a comprehensive approach to roll Iranian forces and its proxies back to their borders,” Makovsky writes.

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The Politics of Iran’s Nuclear Program. In the already tense environment after disputed 2009 presidential elections, Iran’s nuclear program became a political issue that pitted the hardline regime against both conservatives and the Green Movement opposition.

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Iran and weapons of mass destruction. Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is not known to currently possess weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and has signed treaties repudiating the possession of weapons of mass destruction including the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention,

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Jan 17, 2019 · The Amad Plan is Iran’s nuclear weapons research program. After 2003, it was restructured, and parts of it were made covert. One project associated with Amad was called Project 110.

Iran nuclear deal is working despite Trump’s withdrawal, U

Iran Nuclear Deal Is Working Despite Trump’s Withdrawal, U.S. National Intelligence Director Says

The 2015 Iran nuclear agreement has effectively curbed the Persian Gulf nation’s nuclear ambitions, according to U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

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The Iran nuclear deal framework – officially the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” – was a historic agreement reached by Iran and several world powers, including the U.S., in 2015, under

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Secretary of State John F. Kerry discusses the Iran nuclear deal — the most controversial negotiation of his tenure. Policy-wise Obama has launched a private philanthropic effort, My Brother

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The Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, offered Tehran billions of dollars in sanctions relief in exchange for agreeing to curb its nuclear program. The agreement was aimed at ensuring that “Iran’s nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful.”. In return, it lifted U.N.

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