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location of chad in africa

Where is Chad? / Where is Chad Located in The World

Located in the continent of Africa, Chad covers 1,284,000 square kilometers of land, making it the 21st largest nation in terms of land area. Chad became an independent state in 1960, after gaining its sovereignty from France. The population of Chad is 10,975,648 (2012) and the nation has a density of 9 people per square kilometer.

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RELATIVE LOCATION: Chad is located in central Africa, and is in both the eastern and northern hemispheres. Chad is bordered by Cameroon, Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria …

Where is Chad? | Where is Chad Located in the World Map

The given Chad location map shows that Chad is located in the central part of Africa continent. Chad map also shows that Chad is a landlocked country bordered with Central African Republic in the south, Cameroon and Nigeria in the southwest, Niger in the west, Libya in the north, and Sudan in the east.

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Chad – Location, size, and extent. A landlocked country situated in northern Central Africa, the Republic of Chad has an area of 1,284,000 sq km (495,755 sq mi), extending 1,765 km (1,097 mi) north–south and 1,030 km (640 mi) east–west. Comparatively, the area occupied by Chad is slightly more than three times the size of the state of California.

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LOCATION AND SIZE. Neighboring countries are Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon to the west; Libya to the north; Sudan to the east; and the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) to the south. Lake Chad in the southwestern part of the country is the largest body of water in the Sahel region. Chad also has the Tibesti mountain range in the far north,

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About the Republic of Chad. Map is showing Chad, a landlocked country in Central Africa, with its surrounding countries; international borders, région boundaries, location of the national capital N’Djamena, région capitals, major cities, main roads, and airports. You are free to use this map for educational purposes,

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Chad is bounded on the north by Libya, on the east by Sudan, on the south by the Central African Republic, and on the west by Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. The frontiers of Chad, which constitute a heritage from the colonial era, do not coincide with either natural or ethnic boundaries.

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Chad, officially the Republic of Chad, is a country in northern Central Africa. With more than 120 languages and dialects spoken, Chad has a diverse population. Chad’s landlocked location results in high transportation costs for imported goods. #32.

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Lake Chad. Written By: Lake Chad, French Lac Tchad, freshwater lake located in the Sahelian zone of west-central Africa at the conjunction of Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. It is situated in an interior basin formerly occupied by a much larger ancient sea that is sometimes called Mega-Chad.

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