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what is armenian

Armenia – Wikipedia

Calling code: +374

Armenian (people) | Description, Culture, History, & Facts

Armenian, Armenian Hay, plural Hayq or Hayk, member of a people with an ancient culture who originally lived in the region known as Armenia, which comprised what are now northeastern Turkey and the Republic of Armenia.

Armenians – Wikipedia

Canada: 55,740

What is Armenian? Where are Armenians From? | armeniagogo

What Is Armenian? A Nation of Century-Long and Rich History

Armenian | Definition of Armenian by Merriam-Webster

Definition of Armenian. 1 : a member of a people dwelling chiefly in Armenia and neighboring areas (such as Turkey or Azerbaijan) 2 : the Indo-European language of the Armenians — see Indo-European Languages Table.

Armenian – definition of Armenian by The Free Dictionary

When Tigranes the Armenian, being encamped upon a hill with four hundred thousand men, discovered the army of the Romans, being not above fourteen thousand, marching towards him, he made himself merry with it, and said, Yonder men are too many for an embassage, and too few for a fight.

Armenian | Define Armenian at Dictionary.com

a native or inhabitant of Armenia or an Armenian-speaking person elsewhere. the language of the Armenians: an Indo-European language probably belonging to the Thraco-Phrygian branch, but …

20 Finger Licking Armenian Foods You Need To Experience

Mante – An Armenian national food. Nigella.Com. What is it: Grilled dumpling made either of …

Where is Armenia? / Where is Armenia Located in The World

The currency of Armenia is the Armenian Dram (AMD). As well, the people of Armenia are refered to as Armenian. The dialing code for the country is 374 and the top level internet domain for Armenian …

Armenia Map / Geography of Armenia / Map of Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous, landlocked country, on the southeastern edge of Europe, and at the gateway to the Middle East and Asia. Ottoman authorities arrested Armenian intellectuals in April of 1915, sparking an outcry and resistance from local Armenians.

What is Arminianism, and is it biblical? – GotQuestions.org

Question: “What is Arminianism, and is it biblical?” Answer: Arminianism is a system of belief that attempts to explain the relationship between God’s sovereignty and mankind’s free will, especially in relation to salvation. Arminianism is named after Jacobus Arminius (1560—1609), a Dutch theologian. While Calvinism emphasizes the sovereignty of God, Arminianism emphasizes the

Armenian food: What dishes are authentically Armenian?

Armenian food traditions were created over thousands of years in a swath of land known as the Armenian highlands, which in addition to the Republic of Armenia, covered a region including parts of other surrounding countries, like modern-day Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

What is Arminianism? – AgeeCreative

What is Arminianism? A RMINIANISM is a teaching regarding salvation associated with the Dutch theologian Jacob Arminius (1560-1609). The fundamental principle in Arminianism is the rejection of predestination , and a corresponding affirmation of the freedom of the human will.

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