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malignant used in a sentence

Use malignant in a sentence | malignant sentence examples

Malaria is widely prevalent, and in some years, after a wet spring, assumes a malignant character. Strong sulphuric acid is occasionally used as a caustic to venereal sores, warts and malignant growths.

Malignant in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote

Malignant in a sentence. (11) In humans, malignant melanoma – a cancer of the cells containing skin pigment – is a particular hazard of excess sunbathing. (12) Their use in malignant strictures provides immediate drainage, avoiding the early complications encountered with plastic stents.

Sentence for malignant | Use malignant in a sentence

Use the word malignant in a sentence. Those in an MBA program, readers, and those taking online classes might especially like this page. The lines of text below use malignant in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for malignant.

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Sentences and phrases with the word malignant. A number of examples of tumors with some malignant features exist, for example, oyster epithelioma, neurofibromas, sarcomas, and leukocytic neoplasms. Methotrexate is a drug that has seen wide applications in the treatment of malignant …

malignant tumors in a sentence – how to use “malignant

malignant tumors in a sentence – Use “malignant tumors” in a sentence 1. The guilt causes him to have a malignant tumor, which Buddha cures. 2. In November, doctors removed a golf ball-sized malignant tumor from her pelvis. click for more sentences of malignant tumors

Use malign in a sentence | malign sentence examples

SentencesSentence examples Malign Sentence Examples Looking at consumer reviews before making a purchase decision is a great way to conduct product research before malign a purchase decision.

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Malignant in a sentence. ‡ The term malignant is used in describing cancerous tumors (see cancer) because such growths are a threat to the health of the individual. Congressman Foley is the poster child for what we call malignant narcissism.

Malignant in a sentence –

The tumor was tested and the doctor said it was malignant. That is a great sentence to use since the word means infectious disease.

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Sentences Containing ‘malignant’. SMARCB1 is mutated in additional tumors including malignant brain kidney tumors in children. It seems that heterozygotes for mutations in the SMARCB1 gene have an increased risk to develop a malignant kidney tumor in early childhood but if they survive to adulthood,

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Use malignant in a sentence. adjective. The definition of malignant is something evil or intending harm, a tumor that is spreading, or a disease that is invasive. An example of malignant is a plan to do you harm. An example of malignant is a cancerous tumor that is growing.

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How to use malignant in a sentence – WordHippo. Generally speaking, the main malignant part in most cases of malignant ectomesenchymoma is the mesenchymal component. The main difference between malignant and normal cancerous cells is on the distribution and number of microclassifications.

Malignant in a sentence | Example sentences

Use “malignant” in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Malignant in a sentence. Malignant; As a foul, and malignant,. Malignant, or non-malignant. He laughed a cold and malignant laugh. “All?” he asked

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Nov 13, 2008 · Best Answer: I’ve heard the word used a lot in medical contexts. For example, “The tumor was malignant, therefore the patient needed more serious treatment.” For example, “The tumor was malignant, therefore the patient needed more serious treatment.”

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