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History of the United States (1945–1964) History of the United States (1964–1980) Timeline of 1960s counterculture; References. Kutler, Stanley L., ed. Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century (4 vol, 1996) Morris, Richard, ed. Encyclopedia of American …

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June 25, 1950 – The Korean War begins its three year conflict when troops of North Korea, backed with Soviet weaponry, invade South Korea. This act leads to U.S. involvement when two days later, the United States Air Force and Navy are ordered by President Truman to the peninsula.

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Jun 17, 2010 · African Americans had been fighting against racial discrimination for centuries; during the 1950s, however, the struggle against racism and segregation entered the mainstream of American …

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The 1950s: American Pop Culture History. Willie Mays and Hank Aaron were two African American baseball players that, at times, completely owned the sport. If you’re name had two M’s in it you were a guaranteed star. Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse all were some of …

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American History 1950s. The Cold War and the spread of Communism in Eastern Europe, China, and Korea in the late 1940s and early 1950s prompted the United States to increase dramatically its defense spending. As more and more companies came to rely on defense contracts, the power of the military-industrial complex grew.

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African-American History Timeline: 1950 to 1959. Lawyer Thurgood Marshall and civil rights activist Daisy Bates join several members of the ‘Little Rock Nine’, the first students to …

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American History: Life in the 1950s. The late nineteen fifties brought the Barbie doll and a big circular tube of colorful plastic called the Hula Hoop. People had to learn to move their hips in a circular motion, like a hula dancer in Hawaii, to spin it around their body. Hula Hoops became hugely popular in America.

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Nevertheless, the notion of the 1950s as happy days lived on. Perhaps when measured against the Great Depression of the 1930s, the world war of the 1940s, the strife of the 1960s, and the malaise of the 1970s, the 1950s were indeed fabulous.

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In 1950, the first modern credit card was introduced, which would eventually change the financial lives of every American in the years to come. It was also the year when the first “Peanuts” cartoon strip appeared and doctors achieved the first organ transplant.

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American History & Identity: 1900-1950; 1900s: The Progressive Era. Leisure time became more crucial; included family time, commercial recreation at fairs and carnivals. and western films soon ascended to represent American history. Films were a method of showing the world America’s talents.

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