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brazil drug laws

Brazil – Drug Law Reform

Drug Law 11.343 has been in place in Brazil since August 23, 2006. The law introduced important changes in the country’s drug legislation as it depenalized consumption and rejected incarceration for drug users, even in cases involving repeat offenses. Article …

Narco News: Brazil’s New Drug Law

The new law will ensure that fewer people will be imprisoned for drug abuse, and a bigger budget for public health programs that combat violence. Within a year, the Brazilian government will spend 1,500 to 3,000 reais ($500 to $1,000 dollars) per prisoner to combat drug use inside the prison system.

Brazil – Drug Laws and Prisons in Brazil

Drug Laws and Prisons in Brazil. “Most of the people imprisoned are small-scale drug dealers on a first time offense who come from Brazil’s poorest sectors of society. Long prison sentences reinforce the marginality and social exclusion experienced by Brazil’s poor”.

About drug law reform in Brazil | Transnational Institute

About drug law reform in Brazil. Several legal bills to reform the existing drug law are waiting to be reviewed. The most polemic debate is about the application of forced treatment on crack users. Under the government of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil is increasingly becoming a regional reference on security issues.

Brazil Relaxes Drug Law For Users – CBS News

Aug 26, 2006 · Brazil Relaxes Drug Law For Users. The law, which went into force this week, no longer calls for the imprisonment of people caught with small quantities of narcotics for personal use. Instead, they will be subject to alternative penalties such as community service and could be required to undergo drug treatment,


Drugs and Drug Traficking in Brazil: Trends and Policies

• Brazil’s increased domestic drug consumption in recent years has affected the domestic drug market and changed the structure, profile, and modes of operation of organized crime groups. • In 2006, Brazil adopted a new drug law intended to make a clear and definitive distinc- …

Ten Years of Drug Policy Failure in Brazil | Human Rights

Ten Years of Drug Policy Failure in Brazil. Published in and increasing penalties for drug trafficking, the new law aimed to reduce the number of people detained for drug possession and weaken

Brazil Marijuana Laws: Recreational vs. Medical Legalization

Possessing of cultivating large amounts, however, as well as selling or transporting cannabis, is considered drug trafficking and punishable to 5 to 15 years in prison and a significant fine. Medical Marijuana Laws . Since January 2015, Brazil legalized the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) for …

Where Is Brazil in the Global Drug Debate? | HuffPost

Apr 13, 2012 · But without changes to the existing laws and ensuring opportunities for improved treatment, for example, Brazil’s recently launched Plan to …

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