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The ENSO cycle, both El Niño and La Niña, cause global changes of both temperatures and rainfall. Over California and the South-Western United States, there is a weak relationship between El Nino and above-average precipitation, as it strongly depends on the strength of the El Niño event and other factors.

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Sea surface temperatures play a major role in global weather and nowhere is that more evident then in El Nino and La Nina patterns. These type of patterns often lead to weather extremes, some of

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La Niña translates as ‘girl-child’ and is the opposite ENSO phase to El Niño. Coupled Because ENSO involves interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere – both of which play a role in reinforcing changes in each other – it is known as a coupled ocean–atmosphere phenomenon.

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El Nino and La Nina are opposite extremes of the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which refers to cyclical environmental conditions that occur across the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. These changes are due to natural interactions between the ocean and atmosphere.

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Los Angeles, CA. 58°F. known as the El Nino-Southern Oscillation When neither an El Niño or La Niña is underway that means the climate pattern is ENSO-neutral. During a neutral stage


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What is El Niño & La Niña? une What is El Niño & La Niña? The El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a recurring climate pattern involving changes in the temperature of waters in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and the patterns of sea level pressure, lower- and upper-level winds, and tropical rainfall across the Pacific

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El Nino is a regularly occurring climatic feature of our planet. Every two to five years, El Nino reappears and lasts for several months or even a few years.

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