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The Pakistani Armed Forces were created in 1947 by division of the British Indian Army. Pakistan was given units such as the Khyber Rifles, which had seen intensive service in World Wars I and II. Many of the early leaders of the military had fought in both world wars.

550 BCE–1857 ·

Military Rule Vs Civilian Rule in Pakistan | Content.PK

Military Rule Vs Civilian Rule in Pakistan. Following is a chronological comparison of what happened during a military dictator’s rule & during a civil government rule: Year 1947 – Pakistan came into being Year 1956 – Politicians (civil government) formed the first constitution of Pakistan & implemented it.

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Decades of military rule. He made Pakistan a military ally of the USA. In the mid-1960s, however, the Soviet Union brokered a ceasefire in the short war he had waged against India. Khan had to resign in 1969 because of protests in West Pakistan as well as the growing independence movement in what was then East Pakistan and would soon become Bangladesh.

The Role of the Military in Pakistan

The Role of the Military in Pakistan. Military rule in Pakistan started in 1977 wit h General Zia ul-Haq took power in a bloodless coup and ruled under martial law. In 1985, Zia declared elections which put in place a parliament and a civilian Prime Minister, Muhammad Khan Junejo,

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The military has ruled Pakistan for 33 of the country’s 68 year history, and two key reasons help explain its dominance: first, upon gaining independence in 1947, Pakistan retained 17% of colonial India’s revenue streams but inherited 33% of the military.

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