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Badminton Drop Shots – Badminton Information

Backhand Drop Shot. – Hold the racket across your body with the racket head pointing down. – Keep the racket arm and elbow close into your body. – Contact the shuttle in front of your body and as high as possible. – Slice or tap the shuttle as you hit it, reducing the speed of the racket head.

Drop Shot In Badminton – Step-By-Step Playing Guide You

Defination of Drop Shot says, it is a soft Badminton shot which used to perform from the backcourt to the forecourt of the opponent, by aiming the shuttle just over the net. And if you do not have a good shuttlecock, then first go to our complete guide on the best badminton birds available online and buy a suitable one for you.

Forehand drop shot introduction | Badminton Bible

Drop shots work much better if they are disguised to look like a powerful shot. If you show a different preparation, your opponents will realise you are playing a drop shot and they will move forwards to attack it. Hitting action. Reach up for a high contact point.

Types of Badminton Drop | Fast and Slow Drop Shot

Objective of Playing the Badminton Drop Shot. Get your opponent our of position. The Drop Shot draws your opponent to the front of the court. A good drop could disrupt your opponent’s footwork. Variate the pace of the game. This is a popular strategy. When used at …

How to Drop Shot in Badminton – Badminton Court Finder

Disguising your Drop Shot. This is for the more advanced badminton players. To perform the sliced drop shot, you want to go through the steps of a crosscourt drop shot. But at the point of impact with the shuttle, you’ll need to turn your wrist slightly so that your racket is …

Badminton drop shot full guide for players (with pictures)

Grip for badminton drop shot Hold your racket in a relaxed basic grip. You will need to make sure the racket strings are pointing at the shuttle when you hit it; to make this happen, you’ll probably need to turn your arm inwards slightly.

Badminton Drop Shot Tutorial | How to Hit the Fast and

You can’t get a good quality badminton drop by simply ‘touching’ the shuttle. Remember to complete your swing! The. Badminton Drop is a good choice of shot to variate the pace of. your game. Keep your opponent guessing what shots you’re going to hit. Use a variety of shots in your games; use Clears, Drops, and Smashes.

What is drop shot in badminton – Answers.com

A drop shot, usually used after a clear (a far shot to the back of the court), is where the player gently taps the birdie over the net so it makes a.

Badminton Lesson # 7 – Basic Drop Shot – YouTube

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Sep 16, 2015 · * Drop shot is an offensive shot, used in singles and doubles game. * Drop shot is to hit the shuttle soft and gentle downwards from the back side of the court in to the front side of the court of

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The different types of badminton shots and when to use

Offensive badminton shots. The drop shot is best used when the shuttle is heading towards you in the first half of your court. To perform this stroke, the player must hit the shuttle cock downwards towards the opponent’s fore-court, aiming for it to go just over the net. You want to make it look like a drive,

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