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why is hezbollah in syria

Why is Hezbollah in Syria? | Small Wars Journal

The most public inclusion of Hezbollah fighters in the Syrian conflict has not coincidentally been in the western city of Qusayr. The battle of Qusayr is a powerful metaphor for why both Hezbollah and Iran are fighting for the regime.

IRAN is in Ezekiel 38, but why NOT their PROXIES? Why are

Why are Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis MISSING IN ACTION? By Bill Salus. by: Prophecy Watchers on August 31, 2018. This timely article is taken from the upcoming Bill Salus book called THE NEXT PROPHECIES. The NEXT PROPHECIES is the sequel to The NOW PROPHECIES book, which is an all-time bestseller at Prophecy Watchers.

Why Hezbollah Is Fighting in Syria – al-monitor.com

Found in: violence, syrian crisis, syrian, shiite, sectarianism, sayyed hassan nasrallah, lebanon, hezbollah, hassan nasrallah, bashar al-assad Ali Hashem is a journalist following Iranian affairs. He has covered several Iranian, regional and International stories for Al-Mayadeen, Al-Jazeera and the BBC over the past decade.

now why Hezbollah does not agree with stop fire??and Syria

Aug 12, 2006 · And then Syria took over. Israel already went home. Hezbollah started firing rockets into Israeli cities with the goal of indiscriminately killing Israeli civilians. Israel retaliated in self defense. Hezbollah hid among the civilian populace of southern Lebanon. That is why there were Lebanese civilians killed and injured.

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Why Hezbollah will stay in Syria ‹ The Friday Times

The role of Hezbollah is twofold in Syria – one to provide support to the House of Assad and the second to carry out the flag of Pro – Proxy wars wherever Iran wants Hezbollah to operate – from Syria to Iraq. The role of Hezbollah as a Shia political Party is a very complex in Lebanon.

Middle East: Why is Hezbollah defending Syria’s Assad

Syria is a part of Islamic Iran’s Shiite crescent, Syria and Iraq have strategic importance for IRI. Keeping Assad on power is the most important for the Mullahs of Iran. Hezbollah is ordered to combat in Syria to keep Assad on power. But, it is interesting to see from where and how Hezbollah is created>.

Analysis: Why is Hezbollah so quiet about the attack tunnels?

Hezbollah is waging a crucial battle over the control of Lebanese infrastructure. The organization has returned to Lebanon from Syria, where it has left a small contingent.

Why Does Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Prefer to Stay Silent

7 days ago · Why Does Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Prefer to Stay Silent? Rethinking Israel’s Syria Campaign Revisiting Walter Eytan’s — and Israel’s — ‘First Ten Years’

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